VideoStorm StormTracker

Capture 1st-party data on your customers’ true interests & intentions.

Ultra-Precise 1st-Party Data

With the demise of cookies, this is how to capture self-declared, highly detailed data. At the audience level, this represents in-depth market research. It’s like having a focus group built right into your ad. At the individual person level, this powers retargeting that is orders-of-magnitude more precise and reliable than any other method. How? Design your VideoStorm menu so that the consumer’s interactions will tell you exactly what they’re interested in, which stage of the funnel they’re in, and which brand messages are truly resonating with them. Automobile example: someone clicking on “Schedule a Test Drive” is declaring themself to be a Late-Stage Purchase Intender, whereas someone clicking on “Features” may be an Early-Stage Evaluator.

Make Your Targeting >20x More Granular

Why 20x? Because if you have 20 menu choices, you’re capturing 20 data points instead of 1 – and that’s before you multiply by additional factors such as Device Type/Operating System, Targeting Parameters, Engagement Time, VCR, etc. Create a new customer database, or enrich your existing one. Match all our data to your own customer IDs. Contact us to learn more about how to produce the most detailed Targeting Taxonomies you can imagine.


Integrated self service creative & data management platform. Captures data via multi-faceted menus. Filters creative & campaign performance data by device, browser & OS to see real time performance of creative content. (More below)

More about StormTracker

Richer, Deeper Analytics

No other ad unit offers a menu of 25+ choices, so no other ad unit can capture the ultra-precise data that we do. But it goes beyond that:

Every Form of Engagement

Don’t just track impressions, viewability and clicks – though we do all that! – track Engagements of every kind: whether the consumer truly engaged or not, for how long, with which branch(es) of the menu.

Conversion Tracking and $$ ROI

Track ALL post-click conversions: sales (including $ amount, time, and transaction ID), lead-gens, registrations, etc.

Fraud Prevention

Besides supporting all industry-standard methods of ensuring Brand Safety, Viewability, etc., we have built-in data encryption and validation that prevents nefarious actors from undermining campaign performance, and ensures data integrity and privacy.

Frequently asked questions

Can I log in to create my own reports?

Yes, you can slice and dice our data in every conceivable way, download it into Excel, schedule automatic report delivery, etc. Starting Q1 2022, you can use the same login to personally create or revise your own ads in response to what you’re seeing via our reporting & analytics.

Can we grant access to clients for our campaign performance dashboard?

Yes, you can grant access to your own clients, your own staff, etc., with multiple levels of authorization and control.

Are you compliant with all evolving international privacy laws?

Yes: in fact VideoStorm represents the only way to capture ultra-precise in-depth data about your customers’ interests and intents WITHOUT using cookies or any other privacy-violating technology.

How will your team work with us to help optimize campaign performance?

We will consult with you every step of the way, including helping you interpret the data and then optimize the creatives accordingly. Our data is real-time, and creative revisions can be published live immediately.

Can I import your data into my own Analytics dashboard, or my DSP/SSP’s?

Yes, yes and yes. First of all, it’s YOUR data, not ours! Secondly, we can share it any number of ways: ad-hoc download, server-to-server integration, etc.

HAS your data shown real performance lifts?

Our data has shown that when you make an ad fully interactive and empower the consumer with the instant gratification of a seamless shopping experience, ROIs increase dramatically.

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