The Next-Generation TV Commercial

Since the dawn of television, TV commercials have represented a passive user experience – and with very limited ability to target the right message to the right consumer at the right time.  VideoStorm transforms TV commercials and all other video-based ads across all screens into a two-way, engaging, conversion-driving user experience – and as an integral part of that, elevates targeting to a new level of precision.

VideoStorm offers unique, patented video experiences that represent both a radically new creative approach and a powerful data capture mechanism. A creative-led, data-fed digital marketing solution which transforms video content into a truly immersive ad experience. Our platform is designed to engage with creativity, inform through data, and drive higher sales performance.

VideoStorm’s technology is heavily patent-protected, with 12 approved patents and 6 provisionals.  The most recent approvals were for our comprehensive VideoStorm filing, as well as a related patent that extends our unique cascading menu technology into non-Advertising markets such as Online Gaming, Auctions, Social Media, etc.

Company History

VideoStorm is a digital marketing company headquartered in New York City and funded by visionary investors such as Esther Dyson, Jim Rutt and D.E. Shaw – and actively managed by lead investors Rick Braddock and Kim Goh, with Rick now serving as CEO (see “About Us – Team”).

VideoStorm originally pioneered a new approach to online advertising in which “The Ad is the Website” – meaning that any display ad can contain as many as 150+ clickable menu choices empowering the customer to navigate directly to the specific product, information or action that they want via a single click (or tap).

Now our new VideoStorm technology transforms passive video ad content into a truly interactive, engaging experience designed to drive conversions and increase sales.