Digital Advertising is Broken. Enter VideoStorm.

Digital Advertising isn’t working the way we envisioned it: click rates are underwater, conversion rates are low, ads are not engaging, ROI isn’t what we want or need it to be.

Enter VideoStorm, an innovative digital marketing solution which transforms passive “video ad content” into a truly interactive, engaging experience designed to drive conversions. VS can pack 25+ pieces of clickable content into a single unit, giving the customer a deeply engaging creative experience that puts them in control. 

Because VS offers 25+ clickable menu choices, it also captures a wealth of highly-detailed, self-declared, 1st-party data revealing the consumer’s interests and intentions.  It is this data-capture capability that boosts VS from being not only a superior creative unit, but a true digital marketing platform that learns precisely what the consumer cares about, and can then further optimize around those precise interests.

Our patent protected innovation has proven results: driving click-through/tap-through, purchasing, and lead-gen. It brings the information, content, and entertainment from the website right to the consumer instead of hoping the consumer will come to the website. Then it connects the consumer directly to the POS, driving to purchase, and capturing real time data. VideoStorm takes the customer all the way from a digital brand experience straight to purchase in the same web journey.

VideoStorm delivers on the combination of creativity and technology that brands have been waiting for. It’s a huge step forward from broken digital advertising into effective digital marketing.