VideoStorm Benefits

Increased Performance
By overlaying our navigation menu onto any existing display/mobile creative unit, VideoStorm increases performance from 2x to 12x in every measure of performance: engagement rate, engagement time, click-through rate, and especially conversion and purchase rate 

Deeper Data on Customer Intent
VideoStorm captures self-declared data that is highly-detailed, granular, and more accurate (1st-Party Data) than any other ad-based data capture mechanism. VideoStorm tracks engagement and click-through on each of the advertiser’s up to 150+ products, videos, messages and transactions, revealing your customer’s true points of interest and turning the campaign into a market research lab.

Enhanced Future Digital Marketing Efforts
VideoStorm captures all the interactions between the consumer and the creative execution, in real-time.  This puts the advertiser in the driver’s seat to optimize the campaign on the fly and more importantly, provide valuable insights and data points on how to enhance future digital marketing initiatives.