VideoStorm Publisher Benefits

As the industry tackles privacy issues and the elimination of cookies, Publishers are focused on how to enhance their digital offerings to advertisers and agencies.  They especially have an opportunity to leverage their 1 st -party data as a replacement for the value formerly provided by cookies.  Today’s trends toward data privacy and regulation will exponentially increase the importance of our unique data proposition, because if advertisers become limited in the ways they can “pre-target” consumers, it doesn’t matter:   With our VideoStorm solution, the consumer SELF-targets by choosing their own journey through our menu choices.  For Publishers especially, capturing deeper 1 st -party data on their consumers’ interests positions them to replace the value advertisers are losing from the demise of cookies.

VideoStorm is a creative-led, data-fed marketing solution that provides Publishers with a unique and powerful way to capture 1st -party data on their consumers. Because our ads contain 25+ clickable links, they not only perform vastly better than all other creative solutions in engagement, click-through and conversion (so higher-value to the advertiser and yielding a higher CPM), but they also capture highly-detailed, self-declared, 1st -party data on the consumer’s interests.  Every video and each piece of content consumed is measured, providing deep audience insights and giving publishers the tools to optimize delivery on the fly and enhance future marketing initiatives.

Our data is real-time, and is not only valuable in its own right, but can drive automatic retargeting and creative optimization, so that future viewings of the ad become even more tailored to the consumer’s interests.

In sum, Publishers can increase revenues and efficiencies of existing inventory by offering a creatively-superior, better-performing solution that also captures ultra-precise consumer data and supports laser-focused retargeting and optimization.

Operationally, VideoStorm can run both as Video and Display units, and across all screens and devices.  They do not slow the loading of your pages, and they are served through all standard ad servers, exchanges, SSPs and DSPs.