VideoStorm Advantages

With VideoStorm The Customer is in Charge
We allow the customer to choose their own adventure by providing a larger canvas, making your creative work harder. Perfect for single or multiple product efforts, we can include snackable video, category/product offerings, CRM building, retail locations, how to tips, multiple CTA’s and more – all within one creative execution.

Our Technology is Developed for Mobile and Tablet
With over 60% of all digital marketing consumed within a mobile environment, it is important to provide an innovative, easy to navigate and engaging user experience. VideoStorm empowers the consumer to preview ALL the destinations they want to visit, deep within the advertiser’s site – up to 150+ choices (click through URL’s), yet easily navigable even on a mobile device.

VideoStorm enables “Full-Funnel Marketing”
Traditionally, video ads have only conveyed upper-funnel branding. With VideoStorm, a single creative speaks to all stages of the funnel, from branding to consideration to lower-funnel conversion, esp product-level purchasing. And even the branding part takes a quantum leap, with a richer, deeper, more multi-faceted brand message.

Our Data Transforms Digital Advertising into True Digital Marketing
Only a creative with 150+ clickable menu choices can provide 150+ data points expressing the consumer’s interests and intentions with a precision never before achieved. This highly-detailed, self-declared, 1st-party data is valuable in its own right – but can also be used for retargeting and dynamic optimization. Especially with video, we measure every detail about which videos were consumed and for how long (down to the second), which VAST events were triggered (play, pause, mute), etc.